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Application Note


Linking the Plan Wheel to Your Computer

(This information is intended for persons interested in using the PlanWheel XLU3 (or earlier XLU series models) for their individual use, and assumes you have one of those models. Commercial software developers should refer to Application Note AN-13, "Interfacing to the PlanWheel".)

Note that the stand-alone "PlanWheel SA2" (without the XLU, XLU2 or XLU3 designation) cannot be interfaced to your computer. Be sure you have the correct model.

Regardless of what software you use for estimating, the Scalex PlanWheel XLU3 can be used as an input device for doing the takeoffs. This applies whether you use a spreadsheet such as Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, or Quattro Pro, a database such as Access, FoxPro, or dBase, or any of the popular estimating programs available.

Transfer Software

To use the Scalex PlanWheel XLU3 with your software, you should determine what, if any, transfer software is needed. Transfer software moves the measurement from the PlanWheel into your estimating, spreadsheet, or other Windows based applications and programs. It also allows you to change the scale factor and other scaler settings from the computer.

Transfer software is available for programs that work with Windows.

What to Buy

For Windows programs, purchase the PlanWheel Interface Kit. Scalex Ready Connect, the transfer software included in the Interface Kit, works with all versions of Windows: 3.x, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, WIN7, WIN8 or WIN10. (You may wish to purchase the Scale-Link USB3 kit, which includes the PlanWheel XLU3, Ready Connect software & Guide, USB Cable and a Protective Case at a special package price, or the Scale-Link Wireless 3 kit, which includes the PlanWheel WL3, Ready Connect software & Guide, Charging Cradle, USB Cable and Protective Case.)